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Mercurio d’Oro
«"Mercurio d’Oro" Award»

La Repubblica 13/03/2008 — March 2008
La Repubblica www.repubblica.it

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Recommended by customers and suppliers, Motion Engineering has been awarded the prestigious prize called Mercurio d’Oro 2008, representing the only example in this sector at provincial level.

There is no doubt that for Motion Engineering this is the crowning achievement of a long activity carried out with great care to establish a solid reliable company, which is an essential feature for a key activity like ours.


Mercurio d’Oro 2008

Mercurio d’Oro has been highlighting and rewarding these companies for years.

(Article taken from www.mercuriodoro.it)

It is very important to certify your own competence and correctness, which are the result of the laboriousness, engagement, creative will and firmness applied by the companies to establish themselves in the business world. Considering the merits required for this prize, Medaglie d’Oro is obviously a very desired acknowledgment.

Before taking a decision about the award, the companies are subject to a selection testing several variables. This selection is open to all commercial categories, from professionals to big industries and so, before awarding the Mercurio d’Oro prize, it is necessary to make use of well-defined criteria, strictly formulated for each sector.

But which are basically these very important characteristics? Business correctness, entrepreneurial spirit and professional reliability are the essential qualities required for the company profile. The business correctness is estimated both from an outside point of view, as observance of the market rules, and from an inside profile, as harmonious collaboration with the workforce. The entrepreneurial spirit takes into consideration the present and future strategies of the company, the possible outlets and the capacity of keeping up-to-date to be always competitive in your specific sector. The professional reliability is summarized by the corporate image the company is able to project.



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