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Un progetto senza compromessi
«A project with no compromise»

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Motion Engineering has worked together on the development of the latest Olivotto Glass Technologies machines on Siemens platform

by Lucio Bonandini

Motion Engineering, specialized in the design and integration of control systems for high-performance machines, has been jointly entrusted by Siemens and by Olivotto Glass Technologies with the control conversion of some machines developed at first with Siemens control. The machine and plant manufacturer Olivotto has requested the conversion into Simotion hardware of the previous solution based on Siemens Pc-Box and WinAc Rtx. The automation system selected Simotion D is the state-of-the-art solution offered by Siemens in the field of motion control and plc integrated systems: this is certainly a strategic choice for Olivotto whose clear purpose is to get an increased maintainability if compared with the past.
To carry out this conversion a team was formed, which included, besides Motion Engineering’s design engineers, the whole technical-electronic staff of Olivotto and also Siemens glass department’s sales and product managers. The result was undoubtedly a success, a nice practical example of the theory, may be a little misused, of the so-called “synergies”…

Let’s forget the complexity

Motion Engineering has tried, with competence and humility, to identify as much as possible with Olivotto’s technical and company issues, sharing the joy and the efforts of a work that on many occasions went on until late to attain the defined targets. Considering the important partners, Motion Engineering has strongly wanted a project with “no compromise”: a complex ad hoc software library has been set up according to Olivotto’s specifications containing all technical details for the construction of the future machines.

The suggested approach is based on the use of functions and function blocks, written in several lec 61131 languages, simply interconnected (typically in ladder language) with the peripheral unit and with the machine database. The function blocks are absolutely generic and easy to understand. For example, the running type of one axle is only selected varying one configuration datum. Then the function block running the axle manages the different running cases. So the various axles are only “applications” of complex FB, recurrently selected by the reliable running, as they are always like each other.

So the customisation of a new machine confines itself to the modification of the interconnection signals, disregarding the complexity characterizing the function block. The machine is also equipped with an advanced supervision system, totally designed by Olivotto, which communicates with Simotion through one of the system’s Ethernet gates (while the other gate is used for programming and teleservice). To access in real time the huge quantity of necessary data, the supervisor uses an access through Opc-server. The Opc file with the variable symbol descriptions is used by the Simatic Net runtime, which runs in background on the supervisor.

Thanks to the Simotion collaboration by Siemens…
Thanks to the Simotion collaboration by Siemens chosen by Olivotto,
the cpu manages, in addition to the motion control,
the whole machine logic and the temperature controls

The Automation starts with Simotion

Olivotto machines are equipped with Simotion series D435 and D445, combined with Sinamics new-generation drives. The cpu manages, in addition to the motion control, the whole machine logic and the temperature controls. The Simotion and D-Sinamics combination has proved especially suitable both for the hardware configuration compactness and for the control system power. Simotion D445 can manage several dozen axles with cycle times of about 1-2 ms. The free use of sequential and cyclic tasks is admitted and in particular it is possible to combine totally or partially the user code with the task managing the axle interpolator. So the absolute synchronism between the action required by the user programme and the effect on the axles is always guaranteed. The simultaneous movement start on different axles is a typical case: the simultaneousness is guaranteed deterministically. The whole system is conceived as “synchronous”: the interrupt analysis, the task schedule and the movement interpolation always occur in a well-defined time frame always predictable in advance. Another advantage characterizing Simotion is the absolute integration with all drive types: inverters, brushless drives, step-by-step, hydraulic servovalves. From a logic point of view the axle is still considered the same and in fact the drive technology is the only different thing. This makes it possible, in case of plant revamping, to enter in a new Simotion architecture the drives previously installed on the machine, also by third parties. Simotion is equipped with 2 Profibus gates and 2 Ethernet gates. Thanks to these latter it is possible to separate physically on different networks the programming/teleservice and connection tasks with higher-level supervisors.

The present production of Olivotto Glass Technologies…
The present production of Olivotto Glass Technologies
covers any production requirement connected with glass and crystal such as
glasses, goblets, plates, insulators, lamps, bricks and laboratory items



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