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INDUSTRIE ALIMENTARI n°455 — February 2006
Chiriotti Editori www.chiriottieditori.it

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MCM Packaging Machines S.r.l. (www.mcmwrap.com), Nerviano (MI)-based concern manufacturing packaging machines and plants, has changed for some years its production adding targeted items such as brushless servodrives and servomotors.

The previous machine typology was mainly mechanical, with a large application of cardanic transmissions, chains and crank gears. The change to the electronics determined a considerable qualitative development of the machines that, for the same costs, have become more flexible, silent, clean and easy to use for the operators.

The decision to change to the electronics was well-pondered in order to avoid leaps in the dark that could somehow compromise the product reliability and the after-sale service.

This strategy has proved to be successful: MCM is going through a great development and almost all customers, which have tried MCM electronic machines produced recently, are now requiring other similar machines.

The component, that has more influenced this generational change, was Serad iMD programmable brushless servodrive, produced by the French Nantes-based company having the same name (www.serad.com), specialized for more than fifteen years in motion control products. The drive, which is one of the most innovative of its category, contains a multi-tasking operative system and motion primitives that are normally present in integrated motion controllers only, such as evolved electric shaft, absolute or relative coordinate electronic cam, superimposed movements, register control etc.

So it is possible to develop a “distributed intelligence” motion control application without having at your disposal a true centralized system.

Serad is represented in Italy by Delta Systems S.p.a. (www.delta-s.com), company belonging to the Homberger group. Delta Systems, which supplies engines, reducers, encoders and operator panels as well, can boast a considerable experience in the whole automation supply sector.

The application of these servodrives, equipped with PLC functions and able to communicate on several field buses (CAN-Open, Modbus etc.), allowed the creation of scalable and flexible automation standards: you start from the machine where the servodrive functions in stand-alone mode and controls the whole machine without the need of a PLC and you get to the line with about ten controlled axles, which are coordinated in electric shaft or electronic cam, interfaced at several levels with the PLCs of the machine and of the rest of the plant.

From the simplest machine to the most complex one with one device only: this is certainly a great advantage both for MCM and for its final customers which can count on stable software and on an architecture that can be easily expanded on site as well.

But MCM has entrusted Motion Engineering S.r.l. (www.motion-eng.it), company specialized in the planning of high performance automation applications and motion control systems, with the development of all projects. Motion Engineering, in addition to the development of the hardware and software project for the servoaxles, has also dealt with the harmonization of all automation devices (such as PLCs, HMIs and thermoregulators), with a special attention to the interface on field buses.

The project team of Motion Engineering has been able to combine perfectly with MCM’s, studying the production situation in depth and working in close contact with the manufacturer during all production cycles, from the design phase to the installation.



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