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Etichette in multicolor
«Multicoloured labels»

AUTOMAZIONE OGGI n°287 — January 2006
VNU business publications www.vnu.it

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The packaging world is continuously searching for original and innovative application solutions that are simple at the same time.

Today Serad motion controller, distributed in Italy by Delta Systems – Homberger Group – represents a true solution for most motion control and automation requirements.

The machine

Delta Systems has recently taken part to the complete electronic redesign and test of a label silk-screen printing machine produced by DMR Elettromeccanica, gaining significant results: up to 7200 labels/hour with multicoloured printing, with colour superimposing mistakes that can be hardly detected even applying fast television cameras especially installed for this purpose.

The result was obtained through the application of the powerful Serad MCS32EX motion controller, able to synchronize in position all axles with a 300 ms clock.

The machine is completely synchronous, “driven” by a virtual master encoder linked to all machine axles. Each axle is equipped with its own electronic cam movement profile: the offset of each cam and its profile can be changed at once while the machine is in operation, making it very easy to use.

A step forward was also taken in the register control field during remake operations (superimposing of new colours on already printed paper): the very fast capture inputs by Serad MCS32EX (100 nanoseconds!) allow the axle movement synchronization with absolute precision without the need of making any slow-down movement, maintaining in this way almost unchanged the pace, even in the notch control phase.

The machine global production can increase in some case by 100%.

Motion controller MCS32 EX

Serad MCS32EX represents a generation step forward if compared with the previous version MCS32, even though its basic architecture and flexibility are still unchanged.

As its previous version, Serad MCS32EX can manage from 1 to 8 axles, with a fixed scan time of 330 microseconds for all position loops (in fact each axle is managed by its own DSP microprocessor), in addition to a considerable number of digital and analogic I/Os.

For example, on a 6-axle controlled system, it is possible to manage directly 80 digital I/Os. Serad has enlarged both the development system and the motion control instruction booklets already very rich, dealing in particular with packaging, textile and print sectors and in general with all special high-speed machines.



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