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Design of the automation of the automation of several multipurpose robotized islands.

The machine mentioned in the example consists of one controller only in charge of the management of 3 two-axis robots.

Each robot fulfils a specific duty: forming, package filling and capping/evacuation or discarding of non-conforming packages.

Moreover the controller manages a two-train orderer that collects the input products and, after “reordering” them, allows the filling robot to pick them up.

The packages are handled by a shuttles system, that make the packages shift through the single forming, filling and capping stations.

Motion Engineering, meeting the requirement of the Customer, has provided a project based on the total software reutilization, guaranteeing the possibility of increasing or decreasing at will the number of advanced modules (robot, orderer, shuttle) present on the line. This allows you to customize a new machine importing the advanced modules already present with no obligation to redevelop, let’s say for the robots, the part of software related to ordinary duties (pick, place, reject, etc) or to extraordinary duties (extra dimensions, collisions management, etc).

The new machine will be completed by interconnecting to each other the input/output signals available from each software module (robot, orderer, shuttle, etc), reducing drastically development and testing times of the new machine.





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