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This is an 8-axis machine that can move synchronically a dosing head on an endless conveyor belt. Two couples of “gantry” axes form the movements composition along the X-axis and Z-axis, while synchronized nozzles are active along the Y-axis in order to create complex figures.

Unlike similar PLC-controlled machines, the complete control by means of a motion controller makes it possible to define the product “geometrically”, instead of carrying out a series of empirical attempts to obtain a similar result making use of time-speed parameters only. Moreover the whole machine remains synchronic during the entire variability arc of the conveyor belt speed.

The dosing unit position is also controlled in order to guarantee the absolute dosing precision of volume pumps.

The machine can dose several types of foodstuffs: preserves, jams, pasta, creams.

With some products it was possible to exceed by far the rate of 100 operations per minute.





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