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who we are

True passions last, even if constantly developing

Motion Engineering was established as the natural evolution of the activities performed by electronic and information technology engineers, who have been active in the sector of industrial automation for over ten years.

The activities performed during this period have enabled us to develop several theoretical aspects related to automatic controls and at the same time to draw up and to test personally real applications.

The wide variety of problems we encountered has enabled us to make use of almost all types of automation devices: from microprocessor cards, to PLCs, motion controllers, industrial PCs and to fieldbus-based systems.

In the last four years our activity has greatly developed, with a specialization in the sector of motion control (from which the name of our company of course derives). In the automation sector we can certainly boast several top-level applications, in particular in the field of high-speed machines and production plants (textile, packaging and food sectors).

The close interaction existing today among the different automation systems (PLCs, PCs, servo-drives, motion controllers) installed in a complex plant enables us in any case to evolve steadily on all fronts. As a matter of fact, regarding a good share of machines and plants designed by our company, in addition to the motion project, we have been also entrusted with the hardware/software project of the PLCs (control automation) and of the PCs (supervision, machine integration in work areas, process control).

The high level of homogeneity obtained in our projects (starting from technical documents up to code drawing up) and the perfect integration among the different apparatuses have always been a reason of satisfaction for our Customers.

Today our staff, in constant development, consists of 5 people, all entrusted with top-level planning and operational duties.


Lucio Bonandini and Luca Viano
Lucio Bonandini and Luca Viano


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